Somebody put baby in a corner, 2016

Marble pedestal, royal blue, souvenir of Discobolus, info-material

White on top of royal blue – a kind of mystic power

It started out as a fascination of what I call the ultimate form. Shiny, round, hard, and heavy –it was amazingly pretty!
I decided to carve a similar form in marble, which immediately sent me back to Ancient Greece and all the handsome, white, naked male bodies; ideals to be admired and endlessly adored. Instead of carving a human body in marble, the way Myron did, I chose to carve the form that shaped it - and even the ultimate form itself dated all the way back to the Ancient world!
And ever since my first meeting with the mother of the ultimate form, I have been swirling around in great stories and clever lies – all of them massed together underneath the crystal surfaces.
I even daydream about this white stone; how it lifts them up and serves them well as they gaze back or bend away in all their sparkly glory.
I love their mad style, memorizing every pose - some day it might come in handy.

Photography: David Stjernholm